Nelson is in need of some help in his love-life.  So every day, he's asking for your advice on a different "girl" related topic.  Then it's up to you to call in to our Listener Voicemail Line, and leave a message with your advice.  Call 331-2250 with your advice, but also be sure to include your name and phone number.  Anyone who leaves a message with thier advice will be entered for our Valentine''s week prize:  A night's stay at the Clarion in Winnipeg and a pair of tickets to the WSO's Tribute to Queen.  You can enter every day, so why wait?  Call the listener line now at 331-2250 with your answer to today's question.  Nelson used your advise and managed a date with the girl he likes.  

Congratulations Kathy Bueckert on winning the night's stay at the Clarion in Winnipeg, and tickets to the WSO's tribute to Queen.  Have a listen to all of our "Help Nelson" episodes in the PODCAST section on the right side of the page.