It's a celebration Mennonite and low-German culture, and Neuberghtal Heritage Foundation would love to see you Friday night and Saturday (September 22nd and 23rd) for the return of Darp Days.

"Darp, of course, is the low German word for village, and so we'd like to just show off the village, and bring the kind of events to the village that will give people more of a history of how Neubergthal got started,," shared organizing committee member Jolanda Friesen. "We look forward every year to doing Darp days. This is only my second time that I'm involved, but it's an interesting and exciting place to go."

All events are happening within the Village of Neuberghtal, located southeast of Altona on Provincial Road 421.

"Friday, from 5:00 to 7:00pm, we'll have the Sloppy Joe soup and pie supper," said Friesen. "That will be followed at 7:30 by the Quonset brothers, a popular group."

Friday night tickets are available at the door, only, and are $20 for just the soup and pie, or $20 for just the concert. If you would like to attend both, tickets are $30 each, and again, available only at the door.

Looking ahead to Saturday, everything begins with guided tours of the village.

"We're starting at 10:00am, and we'll start with the street tour," explained Friesen. "You will be seated on bales on a low bed trailer drawn by a tractor, so we will do a slow ride, and take time to talk about each yard. Firstly, some history of how Neubergthal got started in that Prairie grassland, and then we'll sort of highlight the eight founder yards." 

She noted Joyce Kehler Friesen, along with Jolanda, are leading the tour.

"Put on your your imagination, and just experience that road with the cottonwood trees on either side," she said "We are true, true Neubergthalers, so we have lots of things to say."

Also beginning in the morning are vintage carnival games, open to anyone, in the picnic shelter. Also open all day is the Bergthal School Sports Exhibit. At 11:30am low-German story teller Allan Schritt will be at the Commons Barn, followed by a build-your-own sandwich bar. If there's enough people interested, a second guide tour of the village will begin at 1:30pm.

Other events Saturday afternoon included watermelon and rollkuchen, a presentation by Dr. Aileen Friesen regarding her participating on the Memories of Migration Russlaender 100 tour and the day will conclude with a Brommtopp performance by Paul Krahn and Friends.

Darp days schedule 2023Courtesy

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You can listen to CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Host Chris Sumner's conversation with Jolanda, below.