A new permanent stage will be making its home in the Dominion City pool and recreation area this summer.

In partnership with Sun Valley Co-op Altona, the Pool and Recreation Committee will erect the approximate $10,000 project before the start of SummerFest in July.

With this new addition, committee member Barry Gushuliak said SummerFest entertainment planning will be much easier.

“We have to have a stage every year, and we used to get farmer's trailers and whatever to do it, and it becomes a nuisance because it mucks up the ground when you're pulling it in with trucks. This way the facility is here and can be used at any time,” he said, adding that the stage will be an all-weather  structure.

Though its primary purpose is for the festival, Gushuliak said the stage will most likely be used for other events.

“There's a lot of amateur talent hidden out there and we're hoping they'll come and use the facility,” he said.

Gushuliak said the project would not be happening without the help of Sun Valley Co-op, and for that the committee is very grateful.