Thanks for a great birthday!

We packed VB's Louge and Lanes for a great evening of bowling and family fun.  Check through the pictures to see for yourself.  Thanks to all who came and made our birthday a night to remember!

Congratulations to Tyler Wiebe who won the HTC Jet Stream Tablet from Rogers!


Thursday Sept 27th: Becky Wall know the show and she's coming to our birthday!

Wednesday Sept 26th: Marge Enns got her invite by answering this question...

Tuesday Sept. 25th: Angie Neufeld is in!  Hear what famous family she had to guess.

Monday Sept. 24th: Barb Elias will be joining us Oct. 4th.  See if you can come up with the same answer she did.

Friday Sept. 21st: Ryan Dyck had the right answer today.  Why don't you take a crack at it?

Thursday Sept. 20th: Meg Fehr knew this one right away.  Can you figure it out?

Wednesday September 19th:  Carrie Dyck guessed correctly.  Can you too?  Have a listen.


Tuesday September 18th:  Brenda Lee Rimmer is our second winner!

Monday September 17th:  Grace Rempel's family will be joining us!



- 1 entry per household.

- each lane will be reserved for 4 bowlers.  You may share these bowling spots as a family, however only 4 entries will be given per family for the tablet.

- must be in attendance when tablet is drawn to win