The Eastman ATV Association has decided to postpone its ATV Ride For Mom.
President Don Eidse says the event was supposed to take place this coming Saturday, but conditions will not allow it.

"Level 1 restrictions are still in place and that means there is no backwoods travel, as the risk for fire is too high," explains Eidse. "And we certainly don't want to encourage anyone or have an event that is running any sort of risk."

Instead, the event will take place on Saturday, October 14th. 

"We thank you all for understanding and your support for the ATV Ride For Mom," adds Eidse.

Through this event, the Association raises funds for CancerCare Manitoba. Eidse says if there is a bright side to postponing it, that means participants now have an additional four months to raise pledges. 

"During the summer, if we can take a little time to take that pledge form and try and get $5, $10, $20," he notes. "Maybe approach a business and ask for $100."

Saturday's event was supposed to take place in the Sandilands. Eidse says there is certainly a level of disappointment, as organizers had everything in place and were ready for the big day. However, he notes they cannot get upset over the weather and must respect the fire danger that currently exists.