The Manitoba Wildlife Federation has a very successful 2023 with all their programming, clinics and events!

With approximately 90 active affiliate clubs across the province, and over 15,000 members, the MWF represents a large population that loves the outdoors by way of hunting, fishing, trapping, boating, hiking and everything in between!

"It's hard to remember everything we do in any given year, until we put it on to paper," shares Managing Director for the MWF, Carly Deacon, "and that's one thing the Federation likes to do is to reflect on the year in December and look at the year, assess what has changed, and realign our direction, and re-prioritize moving forward.  And so, we did that and it's about 6 pages long!"

The MWF Hunters' Education was another success through their clinics, and they launched their Mentored Hunt program again, hosting 9 mentored hunts over 2023.

Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) is a favorite for about 100 women who are able to attend each year (there's always a waiting list)!  It's a weekend event held each spring in Austin and offers hands-on learning opportunities in a variety of interests.

"BOW was a huge success with 65-70 participants and 45 instructors," explains Deacon. "We taught 45 different workshops throughout the weekend, and everyone went home with more outdoors skills that they can pass along to their families."

"But we also launched a few 'Beyond BOW' programs last year," she adds. "So, we were taking those BOW ladies who were super enthusiastic and offering some more tools in their toolbox. So, like after the harvest clinic, like making belts and offering more fishing clinics. So, we're just trying to connect with them further and pursue their journeys in hunting and angling a little more!"

Additional programs included outdoor shows, learn to fish programs, sharing skills in various schools throughout the province, partnering with the Fly-Fishing Association in fishing clinics, and lake shore clean-up, the list goes on and on!

Most of these programs are in partnership with their fellow chapters that are scattered across the province.

"We've been to a lot of places throughout 2023 promoting our programs that we're very excited about!" add Deacon. "We're looking forward to bringing these back now in 2024!"