Former Carman Mayor Murray Rinn is once again vying for the top spot. Rinn, who served on Town Council for five years before becoming Mayor for four terms hung up the reigns in the last municipal election. He says he enjoyed the job when he held the position, but adds when you have a full time job outside of that it takes a lot away from other areas of life. Rinn notes he has now retired from his full time job with M.T.S. and is ready to the give Mayor's position another chance. Rinn says he likes to think he knows his way around and the people in the community through his previous job as well as his former stint as Mayor.

Looking back during his prior experience as the Mayor of Carman, Rinn says one of the biggest things that happened to the town was the construction of the diversion.

As for the future, Rinn says he wants things to carry on normally and council to get along.

Rinn adds he enjoys going to conferences, being on different boards and travelling to different towns and meeting people, something he says is the most enjoyable part of the job. He notes speaking to people from different areas provides a different perspective as you hear about problems you may not have dealt with yet in your community.
Rinn will be challenging incumbent Mayor Bob Mitchell in next month's election.