The N.D.P. announced yesterday it will be establishing a new Southern Manitoba regional cabinet position based in the Pembina Valley, that will act as a liaison between families, businesses and community organizations and the government. Premier Wab Kinew made the announcement last night during the Association of Manitoba Municipalities Gala Dinner in Brandon.

“Our message to Manitobans is clear – no matter what part of the province you are from, we are here to represent you, listen to your needs and work with your communities to improve health care, grow the economy, and make life better for Manitobans,” said Kinew. “This is an important step in making sure Manitobans in the southern region have a strong partner in the provincial government.”

The new initiative will be led by former Morden Mayor Brandon Burley. In a statement, Burley indicated he is grateful to work on behalf of the government in the region, noting Southern Manitoba will play a critical role in the future of our province.

“I am grateful to Premier Kinew for the opportunity to work on behalf of his government in southern Manitoba,” said Burley. “I believe in Manitoba and know that southern Manitoba will play a critical role in the future of our province. I will work hard to fairly represent all of southern Manitoba to the premier’s office, as he seeks to build a government for every Manitoban.”

Meanwhile, Winkler Mayor Henry Siemens noted having direct access to the provincial cabinet, right here in our region, is great news for the community, particularly through someone who understands the unique challenges this area faces.

No specifics were released regarding the location of the office, or when it may open.

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