Two exciting projects have been unveiled by Winkler based Gateway resources, with one bringing long-needed space to its seniors programming. C.E.O. Kim Nelson says the blueprints for the new building, going up at the corner of Main Street and Peters Avenue, have been on her desk since before the pandemic. The project will bring together Gateway's Senior Activity and its Supported Independent Living (SIL) programs.

"It is going to be just a great opportunity," explained Nelson. "It just makes good use of space and resources, so having this all in one will only benefit us as we continue to grow."

Located in the southwest corner of the intersection, the two story building will house the senior activity program on the ground floor, with the second floor comprised of one bedroom, self-contained, suites for SIL participants.

"Actually seeing the start of this project is overwhelming, and this has been a goal for Gateway for a long time," shared Nelson, who noted after years of juggling in the current Senior Activity space, it will beneficial for participants and staff to have a larger area to be in. "We have a waiting list for this program, that's probably twenty people long. By having this space, we are going to be able to meet the needs of the individuals we are supporting, and for many years to come."

Meanwhile, the second project will be coming to the North Point development in Winkler, located in the city's northwest corner. The two new accessible homes will accommodate three individuals each, with the goal of having them move-in ready for Spring 2024. 

"These homes will be used for the Manitoba Developmental Centre transition, transitioning individuals from the Manitoba Developmental Centre to our community," explained Nelson. "Gateway is always trying to find ways to enhance the services we offer. When we were asked if we would consider being part of this project to build two new homes, it only made sense. Having accessible homes helps these individuals transition into our community, and will just continue to help Gateway as individuals age."

The Manitoba Developmental Centre in Portage is in the midst of a three year plan where all remaining residents are being moved to community living, with the facility closing after that's completed.

These projects are in addition to a Wood Room expansion at Gateway's facility in Winkler which began last Fall, which when completed, will add nearly 7,000 square feet to its footprint.

rendering of the new project going up at the corner of Main Street and Peters Avenue in Winkler