May 18th is an opportunity for everyone in the community to better understand our worth and to focus on our well being in a unique way with the Genesis House Superhero Celebration Luncheon. Ang Braun joined the Morning Shows to chat about the idea for the luncheon and how this is something that is going to teach not only anyone within the care giving community, but anyone, anywhere, that deals with any form of taking on burden. Whether that's through care giving means, or teaching, medical, it's a chance to make sure we are all keeping ourselves in check when it comes to stress and everything that comes with it. 


Registration is absolutely free, and you can register by clicking here!

Superhero Celebration poster

Ang Braun and Daemon talk about burden for Care Givers and how to deal.
How the Luncheon will look on the 18th.
Ang goes into detail on how to register.
Ang Braun on the Eagle Morning Show!