A $3.2 million project to further increase water storage capacity in the Municipality of Rhineland, is up and running. Reeve Don Wiebe explained, the GNS East reservoir and pumping station located south of Altona, has been operational for some time now.

"I am very pleased to report the project is done...there's a few little things that need to be finished but basically, it's functional," said Wiebe.

The new underground tank expands storage capacity to 200,000 cubic meters from 400. Wiebe previously noted, demand on the old system during peak season was three times its capacity - drawing 1,200 cubic meters of water daily.

"Certainly, in peak time there was never enough water there to help with the ag sector. So, it's going to be a big help," he added. "This, alongside the million litre storage in Plum Coulee, has given us a lot more flexibility, and we hope to be able to better meet agriculture, commercial and residential needs."

Added features of the GNS East site is a new pumping system, bulk water fill station and an aeration system that further removes trihalomethanes from the water supply.

The Province of Manitoba footed the project's entire $3.2 million bill through its Damage Prevention and Climate Resiliency Fund.