Morden Minor Ball Season kicked off with players and coaches taking on the Morden Mud Hen name from start to finish in the league. 

President Steve Mullin explained the significance of everyone gathering at the Access Event Centre Friday night to pick up their jerseys. 

“We have announced that we are the Mud Hens. We were getting everything ready to be the Mud Hens and today we're getting the kids in on the action. We are finally revealing the jerseys and getting them out to the teams, letting the kids put them on for the first time. It's really exciting, number one, for us because all that work. You can finally see it go on to the kids and the reason why you did everything. Number two, for the kids to be able to put them on with their teammates, to be able to look at each other, and get their numbers. That makes it all worthwhile.” 

Mullin said before they were given to players, the first one was given to someone special. 

“We reached out to Joe Wiwchar, we gave him the first Mud Hens jersey. We just thought, as an executive, we are not doing this today if there hadn't been years and decades of work go into making Morden Minor Ball the success that it is, have the support and the registration that it does, and as far as the stability and the foundation that it has that we have to work with, this conversation doesn't start unless that's all there. I know he was very appreciative, and we were more than happy to get that Mud Hens jersey on him, and he still looks great. He could be back on the 3rd baseline anytime to be coaching the team in my mind.” 

Steve Mullin and Joe Wiwchar in their new Mud Hen jerseys.Steve Mullin and Joe Wiwchar in their new Mud Hen jerseys.

Morden Minor Ball Morgan Mullin asked Wiwchar what he thought of the uniforms. 

“Uniforms are great. I think they absolutely look great, and the executive is great too.” 

He shared his thoughts on getting the first jersey. 

“Quite honoured, very honoured. Seeing that I've always tried to get the uniforms for everybody, this is great and being the first one to wear it, my goodness, that's just breaks me up.” 

Sponsors with the youngest MudhensSponsors with the youngest Mud Hens.

Mullin agreed that now once a Mud Hen in Morden, always a Mud Hen.  

“We're going to take a few years to get our first ones that go right from start to finish to the program. If you're in Morden Minor Ball, you are now a Mud Hen and that's for everybody to support, right across from one team to the next. You're going and watching the Mud Hens game. I think that's exciting and absolutely, we want those kids to be looking back and talking about these years and being really excited about being a Mud Hen and straight through until those hamstrings don't support them running down the first baseline as a 40-year-old anymore. We want them to be a Mud Hen start to finish, so it'll be exciting to watch.” 

The night ended with players thanking the many sponsors who came out for the night and expressed their gratitude to the volunteers for taking time to make baseball happen in Morden as well as their excitement for the new name and the new jerseys.