A year after the owner of Pembina Air and Mountain City Aviation passed away,  Morden's Jim (or Jimmy) Peters, a community gathered to make a difference and honour his life. 

His wife Carla explained. 

"Jim passed away last August in a plane crash. It was really hard for us, and shocking, and we are here now, a year later, trying to bring some good out of the impossible."  

Carla PetersCarla Peters

Friend, and Westside Community Church Pastor, Gerald Dyck and some friends came together to plan an event. 

"We wanted to honour Jimmy. We wanted something really good to come from such a tragedy, and we wanted to support the family. We thought a golf tournament did all those things, and it was a really, really good day." 

Westside Church Pastor Gerald Dyck with friend Ken BlatzWestside Church Pastor Gerald Dyck with friend Ken Blatz

Peters described her husband. 

"Jim, he epitomizes 'joie de vivre'. He loved life. He loves life. He loved what he did for a living. You know that saying, 'If you love what you do, you won't have to work a day in your life,' That would describe Jim. He just was so passionate about everything in aviation, and whether it be flying, or fixing, or building, or teaching, or recreating. He was like an 'artist of planes.' Anyone who had the chance to meet him would know that. He would just be able to drop things and fix things for people. He always considered others. He cared a lot about people and about community. He wanted to bring the gift of flight to this community, and he did that, and he loved family. He was an amazing family man. He was essentially our hero. He still is. I feel like the golf tournament, hopefully, is just one small thing that helps us shine his bright light when he can't." 

148 golfers, along with 30-40 more meal attendees, raised $20,000 that was divided between two organizations, explained Dyck.

"STARS, it was a really good fit for who Jimmy was and who the family is - aviation with the medical field. And then the second, the St. Claude Fire Department, who were the first responders on the scene of the crash, and were really a blessing to the family as well." 

Carla Peters presenting $10,000 to St Claude Fire DeptCarla Peters presenting $10,000 to St Claude Fire Dept

Peters agreed, "We wanted to honour them as well. They were there for Jimmy when we couldn't be, and they were volunteering their time, and for that I am forever grateful." 

Both Dyck and Peters described the fun each sponsor of the event contributed to each hole participants visited, but one particular memory stood out to Peters. 

"It was pretty cool to see the 'Connor Hill Eagle,' so we call this eagle. It was flying around, and hovering over the tournament that day, because ever since Jim has been gone, this eagle keeps visiting us," her voice cracked as she pushed back tears, "And so, I feel like that's part of his spirit, just checking in, and letting us know he is here, and his presence is felt."  

The Jimmy Classic Golf Tournament will return next August. Donations and sponsorships are still gratefully accepted. 

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