Ripple Effect, brought to you by the Red River Basin Commission, return Friday morning with a return guest. Greg Archibald, the C.E.O. of Pembina Valley Water Co-op joined CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Co-Host Chris Sumner in studio to talk about what flows are like on the Red River, currently, and how that may set us up for Fall and Winter.

"Flow rates are measured in cubic feet per second on Red River at Emerson," explained Archibald. "This year, on April 12th, the flow was only 2800 cubic feet per second, and by May 4th the flow and level at peaked at 49,800 cubic feet per second. By May 7th, the flow was reduced by 1766 cubic feet per second. On September 15th, the flow is at 1460 cubic feet per second."

All that taken into account, what does that mean regarding potential drought conditions next Spring? 

"Although it's a little bit drier, and people have noticed that this year, as I said, 1460 CFS is not too bad," he said. "We haven't really experienced any Fall rains, and we typically do, so I think that could be in front of us. And for sure, we'll expect some snow over the winter. I think when you look at the potential for additional rain and some snow, we're in an okay place going into the winter, so we would have adequate flows."

You can find the entire conversation between Greg and Chris below.

Also, a reminder the Red River Basin Commission South Chapter 8th Annual Holiday Gala is happening Thursday, November 16th at the Morris Multiplex. You can get more details, here.

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