Tania Vanstone is a grade two teacher at Miami school. Once again, this year, her students have had the privilege of hatching chicks right in their classroom. 

“This all started because in grade two in our science class we talk about growth and changes in animals. I happen to have chickens at my house. We were lucky enough to have a student teacher who did this with us last year, so that was super. So, we just thought we'd make it a bit of a tradition at Miami school.” 

The students have been thrilled to see the process of hatching chickens, which has made the learning both unique and fun. 

Miami chicks

"Again, this is part of our science course, so we've encouraged everyone to do story writing, we've learned about parts of the egg, we've learned about the life cycles of the chicken and one of the really exciting thing is watching the whole process with incubation and learning about temperature and humidity. So, we're doing some cross referencing with other science lessons.” 

One of the most exciting parts of the project for the students has been naming the chicks. Each student has chosen their own chick after hatching and were able to choose a unique name.  

See the full video with Mrs. Vanstone and her grade two class below.