Northlands Parkway Collegiate

2023_04_22_coll411_npc_02.jpg Landon Fehr and Dylan Friesen

It's not every day high school students get the opportunity to have their art showcased in a gallery, but thanks to the PHAC, this month that is a reality!

Carman Collegiate

2023_04_22_coll411_carman_01.jpg Grade 12 students in Carman listening to their classmates poems

Are you familiar with Edgar Allen Poe? The students of Carman Collegiate are and took inspiration from his work, wrote their own lines, and read it for their class. 

2023_04_22_coll411_carman_02.jpg Guests of the show Kamryn Nicolajsen and Bailey McArthur reading their poem


Miami School

2023_04_22_coll411_miami.jpg Cohen A

This weekend was Earth Day and the students of Miami School shared how they 'Invest In Our Planet.'