This year the Morden Cheer Board packed 240 hampers for families in need. Last year 233 hampers were prepared.

"Our community of Morden is very supportive in both finances and money, and in giving canned goods, food, and toys," says board member Derwin Buchy.

He joined the board after retiring from being a teacher, and has been doing it for 16 years now. As the population has increased in the community, Boushie has seen the need for hampers also grow from the 88 they packed in his first years on the board.

"That's what happens in a growing city."

Buchy has noticed the community has also stepped up to meet the need. "We had church volunteer to [come] and put boxes together, or they come and do the vegetables one night. So we had several companies that provided workers for a shift."

He says many of the families that receive the hampers are newcomers into the community, and they feel very welcomed after getting a hamper.

"They're very happy . . . some have hit some bad times, or fallen on poor times right now, and so far they really appreciate the help at Christmas."

As well, there are a number of extra items like pyjamas, books, or stuffed animals that do not go into the hampers. Instead, these are placed on a free table as an extra treat for those coming to pick up their hamper.

He notes that they also receive between $500-$1,000 from buckets passed around at Christmas concerts in the community, which goes towards paying off any bills left over.