Welcome to another Made in Manitoba, and this weekend we're sharing a debut of a new artist to our program... Winnipeg's John Baron.

He’s released a second solo album titled “Happy Medium”, and continues to explore his own creativity and sound after establishing himself as a top-tier session bassist for the likes of William Prince and Joey Landreth.

"Happy Medium" is an instrumental album, and John says most of the tracks came from stream of consciousness exercises... and a couple of those songs contain a few surprises. We'll talk about those a little later on, but we'll give you a hint... one of the songs, "How to Party", incorporates a vintage "How to" recording regarding how to host a great party. The other surprise is two tracks inspired by hymns.

Thank you for listening to Made in Manitoba as we introduce you to Winnipeg's John Baron and his latest solo album "Happy Medium".  Listen to the program below.