It will be Lauren Stone's name on the ballot representing the Progressive Conservatives in Midland in the 2023 provincial election. 
Stone won the party's nomination on Saturday, beating out two other candidates - Doug Dobrowolski and Shannon Martin. 

"I was just so excited and honoured for the members of Midland putting their trust in me to represent the party," said Stone following her win, adding she is excited to build on the momentum she gained during the nomination campaign.

"I approached this nomination as if it really were a general election. I hit the ground running, and worked hard for many, many months to connect with as many members and voters across the constituency. I brought a lot of energy and excitement, and I think that really resonated with the members to come out and vote."

While the provincial election isn't expected until sometime in 2023, Stone added, the work starts today. 

"I am committed to listening to constituents, and taking action on the issues that matter most to them. Within the party, we have some work to do, and I'm prepared to start doing the work and deliver Midland for the PCs in 2023."

Stone also congratulated her fellow candidates, Dobrowolski and Martin, on their respective campaigns. 

"We are a team as the PC party."