Conversations have been circulating on Morden's by-laws and processes in place of animal ownership and licensing.

One of the major things addressed in a post by the city of Morden was the requirement for a dog owner to register their pet and purchase an ownership license.

By-Law Officer & Community Justice Coordinator for the City of Morden Rick Paracholski says registering your animal can save you time and money in the end.

"It's important because if your animal gets out you'll get them back a lot quicker, and it won't end up being impounded. It will save you costs and help the city keep track of the number of animals."

Paracholski says it's simple to register by first completing the licensing application that can be found online. The application is also available at the  Morden Civic Centre.

Once completed, the form, with payment can be brought to the civic centre. Paracholski says people need to bring proof of current rabies vaccination, and confirmation that your animal has been spayed or neutered, as the price is different for fixed or non-fixed animals.

"It's a one-time fee, and we changed it. For an intact animal, it will cost you $30, for a fixed animal it costs you $20. The only thing we ask is every time you bring your animal to the vet and have its rabies shots updated, give us a call at the civic centre so we can update our files."

Paracholski adds if you don't license your animal, you could be found up to $200. The police service and by-law enforcement enforces the regulations around animals and licensing.