For many, their first dolls are a treasured keepsake.

Over the years, a community has formed around the collection and restoration of rare, antique dolls. Some are worth hundreds of dollars as evidenced by their craftmanship, others are heirlooms nearly a century old.

The public got a chance to see the many collections at a Mother's Day doll show at the Winkler Senior Centre on Wednesday.

Local collectors shared their dolls with the public throughout the morning, some dating back to the early 1900's.

Local collector Dorothy Dueck

Dorothy Dueck says she got into collecting after inheriting over 80 dolls from her mother. While initially uninterested in collecting herself, she says working at MCC opened her eyes to the many types of dolls.

"Ever so often there were a few that were eye-catching and I had to have them," she says.

Myrna Penner's collection and love for dolls began when she was 10 years old, as a disability kept her at home in a wheelchair. Many of her dolls were gifts, and her mother taught her how to sew and crochet clothes for them.

"It just was the best thing . . . my dolls had outfits bar none," she says.

Organizers say they were pleased with the turnout of the first time event, with over 100 dolls submitted.