Over the weekend, a collective effort to support a family whose three-year-old daughter was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia a month ago. The family has temporarily closed their business to focus on Kennedy at this time. 

At the Fawn and Cub Market over the weekend, several booths were selling items where proceeds from the sales went to help the family.  

Market organizer Ashley Funk shared a bit of Kennedy's story.  

"Well, it's an aggressive form of Leukemia, so it's going to take her, I think they said, roughly about two years to kind of get out of the woods, and it's going to be non-stop back and forth from Winnipeg for treatments. It's just a very scary situation, but I really feel like they have a lot of community support right now. And then for them having strangers they've never met, just hop in, they're very overwhelmed right now."  

Funk hopes the money raised will alleviate the financial burden for the family. 

"It's gas, it's hotels, it's food. It's them having to close down their business, they own Central Plains Bison. And so having to shut down both their incomes to support Kennedy is huge." 

Funk's nine-year-old daughter and local youtuber, Sawyer wanted to help her brother Oakley.  

"I'm selling $5 brownies, and they have hearts on them with a 'K' for Kennedy. All the money is going to Kennedy's parents so that they can pay their bills and stuff because they can't work because they're going from place the place like hotels and stuff, so they can do Kennedy treatments. So, I am giving all the money from the brownies to them so that they can pay for their hotel and stuff." 

She expressed her feelings when she heard about Kennedy's diagnosis. 

"It made me feel very sorry for her and very sad because I know how cancer feels because I've seen shows about it and I know it's very hard. She's three years old, so I feel really bad for her, but I really hope that she will get better."  

Ashley described the different ways money was raised to support Kennedy. 

"There are several booths. There are some people who have made specific jewelry for her, there's clothing that's made for her, one booth has a giant Piggy Bank they're filling with change, we're doing brownies, some people are doing just partial proceeds. There's a bunch of people doing things."  

Funk explained why she feels people want to support the family. 

"Community, community support. When anybody sees anybody, especially children that are suffering or going through anything, I think everybody wants to jump in and help because we all have kids. We know it's just scary and we want to make sure that we can support and love them as much as we can." 

Sawyer challenged others who want to help to fundraise or help the family out in any way they can. 

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the family.