A handful of local municipalities have been approved under the Province's latest round of Mitigation and Preparedness Program (MPP) funding.
For this round of MPP funding, municipalities affected by the 2023 spring flood were eligible to apply.

Approved projects include:    
- up to $22,030 for the Municipality of Emerson-Franklin for lift station generators;
- up to $18,306 for the Municipality of Louise for culvert replacements;
- up to $11,553 to the Rural Municipality of Montcalm for a reserve fund and; 
- up to $52,603 was approved to the Municipality of Rhineland for road raising.

“In the past few years, Manitobans have increasingly seen the impacts of climate change with wildfires, floods and extreme snowfalls,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Lisa Naylor. “Our government is committed to making sure Manitoba families and communities have the supports they need to prepare for these extreme weather events. We’re taking action to build up our resiliency and capacity, so we’re prepared for future environmental events.”

The funding will be delivered through the Manitoba Emergency Management Organization.