In the late 1980's, John Redekop followed his dream and started a welding business in Plum Coulee, MB.

What was once known as JR Welding, has now become Mandako Agri, a farm equipment manufacturer that ships products across North America and into Australia.

Redekop says at the time property taxes were cheaper in Plum Coulee, which was one of the reasons he decided to locate the business in that area.

He explains why he decided to remain in the community.

Mandako Agri President John Redekop

"Sometimes for doing business it would be good if you were in a bigger centre, but at the same time small communities do need support as well," explained Redekop.

The company's product line now includes land rollers, grain carts, and vertical tillage machines. Mandako Agri's latest innovation is the Chisel Plow, which boasts a flexible frame that can easily maneuver across uneven surfaces.

During its busy time of year, the company employs up to 55 people including many family members.

Redekop hopes to one day see family running the business.

"Our plan is that the family is taking over," he said. "They do most of the management by now. I'm kind of backing off and just helping them out so that they can take care and learn from some of the stuff that I learned over the years."

Mandako Agri showcased many of its products during a field demonstration last week.