Trends over the last number of months and the outlook for the future have representatives of the Many Hands Resource Centre planning accordingly.
Along with a number of other community and referral services, Morden's food bank runs out of the resource centre.
Many Hands Program Coordinator, Tracey Krause said in the last 8-10 months, the food bank has seen the number of families they're assisting with food hampers go from around 40 a week to about 80. She says the large number of newcomers coming to the area is one reason for the increase, but that's not all. 

"There's been just a large increase in food costs, gas costs, and rent, and all of this is affecting our workers who work at minimum wage jobs," said Krause. "Their wages have not increased to cover those increases so they're finding that they need to use the food bank. And we're also seeing amongst our elderly, our disabled population, that because those incomes are fixed, they are also struggling to meet their basic needs."

As an organization, Krause says they are able to manage to assist up to 60 families each week with things the way they are now. Krause adds with the increased cost of food and other supplies, they're finding it difficult to adequately serve the increased number of families they're seeing.

"We have excellent partners with Manitoba Harvest and also with the Winkler Food Cupboard, and we also work with Food Rescue. So all of those things have helped out, but we've kind of tapped out those resources."

Krause noted they also recently received a $5000 donation from the Morden Thrift Store, and a large food drive from one of Morden's schools and other community donations have been extremely helpful. "All of that has helped us stay afloat till now, we're just looking ahead, and seeing that the increase isn't quite sustainable for us."

Representatives from Many Hands recently shared their financial needs with Morden City Council in regards to the food bank and asked them to consider partially funding it on a monthly basis.

Krause noted the Council indicated they would be meeting at their Committee of the Whole meeting to discuss the request.

Three volunteers with Many Hands Resource Centre getting ready to prepare food in the kitchen.Submitted photo.