“Home News” was published by Kleine Gemeinde (today Evangelical Mennonite Conference) and Holdeman youth in three Mennonite towns during the Second World War, for distribution to Conscientious Objectors from those towns serving away from home. It was published in Steinbach, with Frank P. Wiebe as editor (Steinbach) and C.L. Toews as associate editor (Kleefeld). It was sent to subscribers and published on a monthly basis. MHV has 12 issues spanning two years in its collection. These issues belonged to Albert K. Friesen, who was a C.O. Albert claimed C.O. status sometime between 1941 and 1943 and then worked in a cheese factory in Kleefeld. He served in bush camps in Manitoba, including Riding Mountain National Park, and in northwestern Ontario during the winters of the war, when the cheese factory didn’t have as much work for him.

We chatted with Andrea Klassen from Mennonite Heritage Village to get more details.