It can be easy to be assayed from achieving goals when adversity is present.

Guest speaker and performance coach, Ben Newman, spoke about how to avoid being side-tracked or discouraged from working toward purpose during a special event at the Muscle Hut Performance Centre in Winkler.

"I hope everybody picks up on a deeper level of what they want for their lives," said Newman who speaks around the world as a career. This was his first time in Manitoba.

His message focused on success, which has as many definitions as there are people. Finding that success, according to Newman, is about pushing past mundane and strenuous mental or physical adversity.

"When adversity strikes, what are you going to do?" said Kurtis Fox, owner and operator of the Muscle Hut. Fox saw Newman speak in Alberta last year and starting making plans to bring him to Winkler.

Fox hopes to make this event annual.

Around 86 people showed up to hear Newman speak