Wednesday night (December 14th), Morden Area Foundation (MAF) held their AGM and Grant Awards Evening, giving out $26,573 to non-profit organizations in and around Morden. 

Board Chair Allison Braun announced four new funds to the foundation this year. 

“We have 4 new funds with the Morden Area Foundation. The Dorothy and Isaac Kroeker fund. The Lorne and Midge Kyle Fund, and Bill and Colleen Lyne started the Pembina Threshmen’s Museum fund and they also started a fund for the Morden Activity Center.” 

Top recipient of funds for the evening was Genesis House receiving $9000 for the kitchen in their proposed transition home. 

“And as we all know, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and so this is where women and children are going to be able to gather, cook together, bake together, and just grow together as a family as they prepare to strike out on their own, when the time is right.” 

Braun said Genesis House was asking for $3000 over three years, noting they decided to give them the full amount because it is such an important project. 

Morden’s Many Hands Resource Centre took home $7775 for a commercial fridge. 

“In a home is a fridge where we keep all of our foods. We know what a fridge is for, but for them it was so important because they had so much food offered to them through gifts from the community, gifts from our grocery store. But they had nowhere to store these fresh fruits and vegetables, and so a lot of them were going to waste and they couldn't use them fast enough. This $7775 is going towards a three-door commercial grade fridge.” 

Morden Multicultural Winterfest Committee received $5495 to build an enclosed shelter at Colert Beach for event attendees to keep warm in and be entertained. 

The Pembina Hills Arts Gallery was pleased with their $1603 to put towards a portable printing press adding another tool for artists of all ages to use. 

The South-Central Regional Library will use their $1500 grant towards the outdoor storage shed to store books for their annual book sale and other items. 

Douglas Kuhl School of Music is using their $1200 to buy an additional piano to use during Cadenza Week and then to be shared in the Morden outside the time it is needed. 

She said, “It’s like Christmas,” when describing her feelings about the night, noting although they’re not family, as someone who was born, raised and has lived in Morden all her life, her community is her family. 

“Being able to partake in such an important evening as this and granting out this money to charities and nonprofits that help give back to our community, there's nothing like it. So, if you're ever looking for somewhere to volunteer a few hours call up the Morden Area Foundation, we're always looking for extra hands.” 

Braun is finishing her 8-year limited term as Board Chair for the organization.