Morden Council has been missing a student representative for a while now, but a student from Morden Collegiate is ready to fill the gap.

Grade 12 student Mollie Wheeler is a member of the school's debate club and is Student Body President.

"I'm excited. I haven't really started yet, I haven't been to any meetings, but I put my name in because it was something that caught my interest."

She says her school council meetings have been an enjoyable experience and Morden Council should be a similar idea.

"I think that a youth perspective is super important and I know that the council hasn't had that in the past couple of years . . . When the position was brought to my attention I realized it was definitely something I wanted to look into."

Before jumping on board Wheeler met with Mayor Brandon Burly to get an idea of what the role will all entail.

She adds that there are no issues she hopes to advocate for currently, but is looking forward to talking with other youth in the community to see what’s important to them.