Many Hands Resource Centre (MHRC), Morden's Food Bank located at 500 Stephen Street Community Centre, has a new Executive Director at the helm, Mariyam Tsygankova. 

MHRC Board Chair Daniel Klauke said the board is excited to have Tsygankova on the team, noting now, there is someone operating on a day-to-day basis, providing leadership. He added, the board members are volunteers and don't have as much time to push the organization's agenda forward as this role will do. 

"When we were looking for an Executive Director, we knew we wanted someone who was very community-minded and community-oriented who would be accepting of other people and would be driven and motivated to work on their own. Since Mariyam has come on, we've already seen that from her. In the interview process, it was very apparent that she cared about Morden and this community and that she's adopted since moving here. And we're really excited to have her in this role to continue to make Morden a better place." 

Tsygankova moved to Morden four years ago with her husband and daughter. She is very excited to be here because she loves Morden, claiming it is the friendliest community she has ever seen. 

She never imagined being a leader of an organization like MHRC. 

"I remember my uncle always says when you are asked to lead it means you are asked to serve. When you serve people without expectation to gain, it gives you so much pleasure, it makes you happier. Even researchers say that when you are humble and helpful to others, it gives you mental satisfaction in return. I have both, I am doing a job I really like doing and I get my mental satisfaction. And you know these days, mental satisfaction is just priceless." 

Tsygankova is confident she can leverage all her expertise and passion in one place to put all her efforts towards the progress of MHRC, adding her first steps will be to get to know the organization from all aspects. 

"Many Hands has lots of programs like the Community Kitchen, the Community Meal, the Food, Bank, and Drop In Nights. I think they all have food in common and food bridges us together. Many people, including me, have experienced food insecurity at some point of their lives. We don't have to be ashamed of that. Instead, we have to work together to help people who are in need right now." 

She is enjoying being a part of the team and working with the board, who she remarked, volunteers a lot of time to the organization, as well as others. 

"One day I was covering the food bank and I met with a wonderful family and I remember I was texting. Tracey (Krause - MHRC Program Coordinator) 'Tracey, I have no idea what should be in each hamper.' she replied, 'The kids know.' and the little ones, they showed me everything." showing her how many of each item went in each hamper, she continued, "And they did it so fast. I was just so impressed with the little ones. They come in the morning and leave in the evening, and they do all this work and they are happy with it." 

Klauke continued to say, "The board has already seen the initiative that Mariyam has put into Many Hands, and the great ideas she's brought forward already, so we're very confident in her abilities to be leading Many Hands Resource Center."