For just $10, you will be able to fill a bag with books this weekend at the Morden Library and Morden Firefighters gigantic used book sale at the Morden Access Event Centre. Branch Administrator, Gail Hildebrand, says 1000’s of used books will be strewn throughout the Huron Arena. 

“We [have] taken donations [of books] that the fire department has collected. However, the bulk of the books came from the Children's Hospital book sale that is held at Saint Vital Center [in Winnipeg] twice per year. This year we have 2, 53-foot trailers full of books. And we also have books that have been donated by patrons and supporters of the library in our five local branches.” 

The Morden Library staff are grateful for the partnership they have with the Morden Firefighters. Hildebrand admits that it has worked out quite well. 

“We're doing this jointly. We're doing the part we love, setting it up and running it, and they are doing the part they love. They're hauling all those heavy boxes of books. These books are ridiculously heavy. They went and picked up the books from Winnipeg for us with the semis and they will unload the semis for us. They will also pick up and deliver all of the books that we have stored at the library in our back shed and then at the end of the sale on Saturday they will be doing all the cleanup.” 

Hildebrand says that during COVID, the Morden Library and Morden Firefighters were not able to work together to have a large book sale like years past. They have heard many comments from book lovers, expressing how they missed the book sale and are happy to bring it back to Morden this year. 

"Our focus will be on kid’s books and adult fiction. There will be some adult nonfiction, and other miscellaneous things like puzzles, audio books, movies, and music.” 

Hildebrand encourages shoppers to bring their own regular sized shopping bag to fill for $10. Oversized bags will not be accepted, laughs Hildebrand, ”We just want to remind everybody that it’s not the big IKEA bag and it's not a hockey duffle bag. It's a regular size reusable shopping bag.” 

Part of the proceeds of the book sale will go to Morden Fire and Rescue, who are putting it towards a new breathing apparatus and a wellness room for volunteer firefighters. The library portion will be going largely towards a major project for their 60th anniversary celebration next year.

The sale takes place this Thursday (May 2, 5 - 9 pm), Friday (May 3, 9 am - 8 pm), and Saturday (May 4, 9 am - 3 pm) at the Huron Arena in the Morden Access Events Centre.

Click below to listen to the full interview with Gail Hildebrand and Connie Bailey. 

gigantic book sale