Morden Mayor Nancy Penner issued her first State of the City Address to a full house at the Morden Chamber of Commerce AGM on Thursday.  

Many topics of interest for eventgoers covered were water treatment plant, wastewater, Stanley Trail and healthcare worker recruitment plan updates, as well as plans for algae control in Lake Minnewasta through algae sonic ultra sonic control equipment. 

“The city did not proceed with the project last year due to budget constraints. But our staff has reopened discussions with clean water and is seeking an agreement for an installation this spring. Additionally, we are exploring funding opportunities with Manitoba Water Services board to cover 50% of the project cost. We remain committed to funding effective solutions to manage algae in Lake Minnewasta.” 

Wastewater and water supply were top of mind in the speech delivered to attendees. 

“We must make informed decisions regarding the maintenance, the replacement, and the repair of our infrastructure. We must carefully balance the needs of our community with crucial services such as roads, bridges, and water treatment plants. We are making improvements to the water treatment plant, with the funding for standpipe design and we've also applied for funding for preliminary design of the second reservoir on the Dead Horse Creek. This would provide drought-proofing and secure an additional source of water for Morden.” 

At this time of year especially, wastewater treatment is top of mind for most residents. Penner had hoped to announce the project is moving forward but it has hit a financial roadblock. The price of the selected system came in at $90 million. Even with grant funding the city is still on the hook for $50 million and council understands the large impact this would have on ratepayers. 

“With the recent announcement of Winkler’s system coming in at $56.2 million, we as council know there are many questions on why the pricing is so different. We are faced with having to upgrade, expand, and line our lagoon cells to bring them into compliance in order to afford the SAGR (Submerged Attached Growth Reactor) system were greatly aware of the impact this is having on our city. Council and staff are working diligently to explore the best options with the least impact to our ratepayers.” 

Penner took time to celebrate the reopening of Alvey and Parkhill bridges, additional childcare spaces, the donation of land to École Discovery Trails' state of the art track and soccer field, immigration, health care support for BTHC expansion and Menzies Medical Centre and the ACC nursing program. 

“I'd like to express my gratitude to the Trilateral Council formed by Morden, Winkler, and the RM of Stanley, for their cooperation in addressing regional issues, promoting shared prosperity. For many years there's been discussion and countless hours of work towards creating a pathway connecting our communities. I'm confident this project will come to fruition. This is just one of the many steps this council is taking to collaborate with Winkler Stanley and the Stanley Trails Association. I anticipate more positive developments in the future.” 

Click here for a link to the Power Point presentation to go along with the full State of the City Address below.