TedX Morden is an event locally organized by the Morden Chamber of Commerce with local speakers presenting their stories at the Kenmor Theatre, Thursday March 30th.

Chamber Executive Director Clare Agnew described the theme of their event.

"The theme Morden has is the 'Wind of Change.' We have five different speakers that are going to be talking in their area of expertise on how things are going now and wind of change and they have their talks prepared to share with the audience."

Agnew said this type of event isn't happening anywhere else in the Pembina Valley.

"They are definitely local people. And we have five different areas we have, trying to make it be a diverse group. We have the financial industry represented, health and Wellness, arts, culture and history, hospitality industry and then Indigenous teachings. So, they're very diverse and we are hoping for a wide range of audience members."

Whe went on the describe the unique opportunity this is for Morden.

"As I started to talk about this, even within my own board, so many of them said, 'Oh, I listen to Ted Talks all the time.' So, the more I've talked about it, the more I realized people do watch that and the topics are so varied that really, anything goes. And I think it's a way of of more than offering that not only to the public to listen to Ted talks and be part of that experience, but also we have so many talented and knowledgeable people here, this gives them a way of participating in a Ted talk."

There are still tickets available for those wanting to be part of the live audience at the Kenmor Theatre in Morden at this link

Agnew said this event will expand Morden's reach.

"They will be recorded and eventually on YouTube, and they will have the Ted X Morden logo, along with their talk and it includes us in that global market."

With files from: Daemon Parent