A two-hour event Friday night brought a celebration of cultural dance to the Access Event Centre stage in Morden.
The Multicultural Dance was put on by the Multicultural Winterfest Committee, thanks to a Healthy Together Now grants from Southern Health - and the MB Government's Community Celebrations Grant.
Organizer Jewel White called it a very educational evening. "Because everybody showed how each of the cultural dancers dance. And it basically showed the community what the meaning of the dance is. And it gave a better understanding of what the culture is about."

White says it was evident that everyone there Friday had a great time by the energetic mood, and the fact the dance floor was never empty. "It was a very energetic crowd, everybody participated in each individual performance."

White says the decision to organize a Multicultural Dance was forged out of the popularity of the dance portion of the Multicultural Winterfest.

The new layout of the festival this year meant people had to go to individual pavilions to watch the cultural dancing being showcased, as opposed to the previous years where it was held in one location, on one stage.

"Every year the dance portion is always the most fun portion," noted White. "You don't have to invite them (to the dance floor). As soon as they hear something, like a song that they would dance to, they would just go on the dance floor."

White felt because they didn't have the chance to showcase all the dance in one spot during this year's Winterfest, they made the decision to throw this "dance party."

"So we tried it for the first time, and I think it was a very successful program." 

- Written with files from Reporter Robyn Wiebe -