Sustained wet conditions this summer made it difficult for road crews in the Municipality of Rhineland. A $1.2 million priority roads project included improvements to about thirty miles of road within the Municipality.

Reeve Don Wiebe says the work is behind schedule.

"We had hopes to have it done by early spring but the year was it was, we are now in the process of finishing it, we have it about seventy per cent done. Our Public Works

Don Wiebestaff wants to have it done this fall."

Wiebe goes on to say that some improved water and sewer services are on the way for the Town of Gretna.

He explains the Municipality qualified for a Water Services Grant and those dollars will be used to build a new water and sewer lift station in the community. "We have a critical situation in Gretna."

A Request for Proposals for that project has been sent out.

Meantime, renovations to the fire damaged Plum Coulee Community Hall are ongoing.

"...The rafters are going in, a lot of inside work is being done, it's about to be insulated and heated," explains Wiebe.

He adds however, work on the adjoining arena isn't as far along as Council would like and members are still waiting on some critical pieces of information before moving ahead.

Wiebe says Council is waiting to hear back on some engineering reports and grant applications before moving ahead with geothermal upgrades and dressing room improvements.