The Reeve for the Municipality of Rhineland says a few things stood out during a review of 2016. Officials participated in a strategic planning session back in December.

Don Wiebe says the group was pleased to see the building permit figures from the past year.

"The number of permits increased from sixty-seven to eighty-four (and) these permits totalled approximately seven million dollars, so that's a lot of good activity in the Municipality during 2016."

Wiebe adds that a few other things stood out during the review.

The first point was that more money will have to be designated for road maintenance in 2017. "This last summer was quite hard on our municipal roads."

He says the second point was that Council will have to work at redesigning and improving municipal drains.

And finally, Wiebe says officials will need to take a hard look at asset management such as how to replace aging bridges and crossings and where to find the money do that.