The community of Miami is much closer to having a fully accessible active living center.

Last week, the community heard the news it was receiving over $902,000 in government funding for the project, and combined with the $328,000 already set aside for the centre, the committee has just over $1.2 million dollars.

"It's very exciting news for the municipality and the town," said R.M. of Thompson Reeve, Brian Callum. "I guess we've known for awhile we were approved. But of course we were waiting for the official announcements, and I'm glad they're out now. The community will know that we're planning to go ahead with this building, and we can get started. But anytime you can add something new to your community, it's great for everyone."

He says a few years ago, a former resident of Miami, and a gentleman that grew up in the community, Blair Sharpe, made a donation of $300,000, with the stipulation that something new be built with the money. At first, the idea was to build a new friendship, and active center for the seniors. "We have one here now, but it's not easily accessible, and it's an old building."

Callum says they eventually changed the focus to an active living centre and added a workout room, and a multi purpose room. "It's a building now for everyone in the community, not just the senior community, who will have space in there. But we hope everyone gets to use this building."

Callum says they home the active living center project can go to tender soon, and have construction underway in fall.

The future site of the Miami Active Living Centre. "It will be up to date, ground level, wheelchair accessible, and we just hope that when it's done, everyone enjoys it," said R.M. of Thompson Reeve Brian Callum.