Nellie McClung Collegiate in Manitou

With lots going on at NMC in Manitou, it means a busy few weeks leading up to the holiday break. A change in sports, what SWAT is up to and everything you'll see in the halls for their next spirit week!

Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler

2022_12_03_gvc_coll411.jpg Alicia and Veronika from GVC in Winkler

This weekend Alicia and Veronika took the time to celebrate how the school's volleyball teams faired at the end of their season. Reindeer games was a huge hit, as was the dance and they're all looking forward to some much deserved time off!


WC Miller Collegiate in Altona

2022_12_03_wcm_coll411_0.jpg Team Gritty

New at WC Miller Collegiate is a dodgeball tournament. Gideon and Coen took the time to chat with some of the players about how they think they're team is doing.