Last night many eyes across the Pembina Valley were fixed on the sky, once night fell, with a beautiful display of Northern Lights dancing overhead. The amazing light show was not contained just to our sky, with reports of similar events captured on camera in Alberta, Saskatchewan as well as across Manitoba.

The U.S. National Weather Service reported early Friday morning similar displays were noted in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, as well as Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin and even as far east as New York.

The U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center, earlier on Thursday, issued a strong geomagnetic storm alert, indicating a, "stronger disturbance in Earth's magnetic field".

northern lights in skyTaken by Lisa Reimer in Gnadenthal

The center, in an update issued early Friday morning, indicated another light-show may be on the agenda tonight, with Aurora Borealis visible as far south as a line from Pennsylvania to Iowa to Oregon, as long as the sky is clear.

The Friday night forecast for much of Southern Manitoba is currently for a partly cloudy sky, so the possibility is there we may be able to see something spectacular like Thursday night, one more time.

Everly winkler pointing at the painting in the skies last night north of Carman. Photo submitted by Rod Winkler.Everly Winkler pointing at the "painting in the skies" last night north of Carman. Photo submitted by Rod Winkler.

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green northern lights in night sky The Northern Lights taken around Altona Thursday evening. Submitted by Kaitlyn Harms.

The photo gallery at the bottom of this story is courtesy of Justina Dyck, with the scenes taken near Miami; Rod Winkler with pictures from the Carman area; Kari Unger from the Morden area; Carlin Middleton of Carey; Lorna Martens of Schanzenfeld