Four years ago they blended together from several schools, and now they will call themselves the Northlands Parkway Collegiate Graduating Class of 2021.

Around 145 grade 12 students will receive their high school diplomas from Northlands Parkway Collegiate.

Valedictorian, Cerulean Wolfe, says it's a very special honour for her to represent her class in this way. "We've all been through so much this year, and I think just being able to represent all of us is really a an honour for me...I came from Emerado. The most kids in my class are from Emerado, but it's also awesome to represent the other two smaller schools that came together."

Looking back over the entire four-year experience, Wolfe says sports games, and having fans come out was a highlight for her. As a whole for her graduating class, many would rank enjoying lunches from the school's cafeteria high on the list. "And our last year, (In-class) in grade 11, we started to have pep rallies which got school spirit up quite a bit. I know everybody really enjoyed those, it's a shame we didn't get to continue with those."

Despite the last year and a half being a challenge for a lot of students, Wolfe wants to leave her fellow classmates with a positive message. "I kind of have a theme of a path. So kind of where we started, some bumps along the way, especially with Covid-19...and finishing off with encouragement for the future."

"The one thing that we all do have in common, is that we're the graduating class from 2021 from NPC.

Wolfe plans to attend CMU this fall with goals to pursue athletic therapist or physiotherapist.