A 22 year old Winkler man is facing a long-list of charges after a multi-agency firearms manufacturing investigation called “Project RECOIL” led to his arrest April 29th. The investigation included Winkler and Morden Police Services, as well as the RCMP D Division National Weapons Enforcement Support Team (NWEST).

The investigation began February 1st after police learned the suspect may be manufacturing prohibited firearm suppressors. On April 29th the suspect was safely taken into custody by the Regional Support Tactical Team (RSTT).

Immediately following the arrest, search warrants were executed at a residence in the 100 block of 8th Street, as well as at a Winkler business where the suspect was employed. At this time, the local business is not believed to have been involved in criminal activity and will not be named.

Investigators executed the search warrants with assistance from the RSTT, Morden and Winkler Police Service K9 units, and RCMP NWEST and Digital Forensic Services (DFS).

As a result of the search at the 8th Street residence, police seized the following items:

  • 21 rifles (two of which were loaded with ammunition)

  • 4 shot guns;

  • 1 antique hand gun;

  • 1 prohibited crossbow;

  • 6 homemade prohibited firearm suppressors (one installed on a loaded rifle);

  • 1 homemade prohibited cannon with a projectile;

  • 14 prohibited over-capacity magazines (9 loaded with ammunition, 1 of which was inserted into a rifle);

  • Numerous additional magazines (many of which were loaded with ammunition);

  • Hard Body Armour with a tactical vest;

  • Explosive material and cannon fuse cord;

  • Evidence of indoor target shooting;

  • Various firearm parts;

  • Over 6,500 rounds of ammunition;

  • 3D printer with filament and parts required to manufacture firearms;

The firearms and ammunition were located in plain view, and readily accessible throughout the residence and detached garage. None of the firearms were safely stored.

“This is another example of multiple police agencies working together to enhance public safety in our communities,” noted the release issued Saturday morning. “Project RECOIL could not have been possible without effective partnerships between the Morden Police Service, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Winkler Police Service, along with support from Manitoba Justice and the Manitoba Criminal Intelligence Centre.”

As a result of this investigation Luke Redekop has been charged with the following offences:

  • Manufacturing a Prohibited Firearm (cannon)

  • Manufacturing a Prohibited Device (Suppressors)

  • Unlawful Storage of Non-Restricted Firearm

  • Unlawful Storage of Prohibited Firearm

  • Unlawful Storage of Loaded Non-Restricted Firearm

  • Possess Prohibited Firearm (cannon)

  • Possess Prohibited Device (Suppressors)

  • Possess Prohibited Device (Over-capacity Magazines)

  • Possess Prohibited Device (Crossbow)

  • Careless Use of a Firearm

Redekop was initially remanded in custody, and has since been released on a Release Order with numerous court ordered conditions. He is set to appear in Morden Provincial Court on May 14th.