Stories of Good Samaritans have spread throughout Morden and Winkler this month for Pay it Forward May.

The Morden Area Foundation and Winkler Community Foundation spearheaded the fourth annual initiative together.

From buying a stranger a coffee to artists donating profits from their work, kindness was contagious in the Pembina Valley.

"We've been very excited about the response, it's been positive across the two communities," WCF Executive Director Myra Peters says.

The month has been filled with simple stories of people mowing a neighbour's lawn, "they didn't even know who did it. It was just so kind and thoughtful and that's what Pay it Forward is all about."

Peters says they were struck by the variety of expressions of paying it forward. The idea not only caught on with individuals but also sparked the imagination of the business and non-profit sectors.

A common theme throughout the month was the surprising impact of small gestures.

"If everyone was more thoughtful in sharing kindness... how much better the world would be."

Here are just a few Pay It Forward moments:

Local artist Doug Friesen pledged 100 percent of the profits from five of his pieces in the Photography Light Exhibition at the Winkler Arts and Culture centre to local non-profits as part of Pay it Forward May. "Even if someone does not buy the print, to feel the emotion and maybe learn of a new organization they have not considered before, a new soul will be touched and handheld. Thank you Winkler Community Foundation for creating an environment that allows a community to rally for the good in all," Friesen said.

One person was the recipient of a new skateboard. "I never expected anything like that... for someone to be so nice to me. When they are coming to the skatepark to skateboard, and then just give their board away? ... It made me want to be nice to other people. Spread kindness. (If everyone had this attitude) the world would be a lot better."

Local businesses also got in the spirit of Pay it Forward May in creative new ways. Access Credit Union gave away $1,000 at their Winkler branch and $1,000 at their Morden branch in $10 bills so members could make someone's day. "Thanks to Access Credit Union, I got to pay it forward to a handsome young farmer! The next generation up and coming young Farmer! The young Farmers need to be encouraged from the community," Sharon Hildebrand said

"Access Credit Union this is how we used our $10 in #PIF17. Winkler Day Care Centre kids bought coffee and delivered it to Gateway Resources Inc. We had such an awesome time with this. Thank you for the opportunity,"

The Pure Anada Boutique spread kindness inspired by Marni LuHu Designs, handing out free lip balm in Morden this month

Charlie B's in Winkler Paid It Forward to the Pregnancy Care Centre. From May 1 to 7 they sold 1084 orders of fries and donated $1 from each order