Incumbent Cameron Friesen hopes to represent Morden-Winkler for a third term in the Manitoba legislature.

Friesen was first elected in 2011 and has served as Finance Minister before taking on the role of Health Minister.

"It has been a tremendous honour to serve," he says. "There hasn't been one boring moment because it's fast-paced, but it's important work and so I've tried to take it up every single day with commitment, energy and enthusiasm."

The issue he's heard most from constituents has been affordability. "We know that many households at the end of the month have less than $200 of disposable income, and we know the cost of things are going up," Friesen says.

He notes the PCs have promised to phase out education property taxes over a period of ten years as part of a "straight forward" election platform aimed at saving Manitobans more money.

Infrastructure investments also remain top of mind, Friesen says, for the fast-growing Morden-Winkler and RM of Stanley area. "There must be investments to reflect that growth."

Also running in the Morden-Winkler constituency is Robin Dalloo for NDP, David Mintz for the Liberals and Mike Urichuk for the Green Party.

Election day is September 10.