The stigmas around counselling continue to dissipate in the region thanks to the work and recent expansion of the Pembina Counselling Centre (PCC).

Staff held a grand opening Friday to mark the opening of a new Winkler location.

"This is huge for us," Executive Director Paul Penner explains, noting they began looking for a new space two years ago, "we were just too small."

Penner adds they couldn't expand without the support of community members. He notes they were overwhelmed with the generosity, not only funding donations but partnerships with local trades and gifts-in-kind.

"We ended up with this very nice space, and it happened because all kinds of community members kicked in," he says.

"We're very pleased to be here in Winkler with a great facility," Community Development Officer Mark Sawatzky adds. "Life is challenging... and I'm glad counselling is becoming more acceptable, and we're glad to have a space here that people feel welcome in, and they allow us to be part of their journey."

The new office is located at 915 Navigator Rd in Winkler. PCC also operates offices in Morden and Crystal City.