Winkler's Brenda Fehr is desperate to get her husband, Frank's, E-bike back after it was stolen on the weekend. 

"I am just putting out a plea to the community of Winkler, and maybe the surrounding area, I'm not sure. I'm looking for help. My husband is very ill. He has kidney failure and Parkinson's disease.  He had an electric bike that he had got, we had saved up for. Early Sunday, late Saturday into Sunday, somebody stole the bike. That was really his only way of getting around." 

The dark coloured Radmission E-bike has a number 29 on the frame with a battery in the center of the bike.  

(submitted photo) a closer view of the bike.The dark coloured Rad Mission E-bike has a number 29 on the frame with a battery in the center of the bike.  

The bike has sentimental value for the couple, as well. 

"Frank hasn't been able to work for the last three years, because of being so sick. So, it was me working at a local restaurant, putting money away little bits here and there as we could. His mother passed away, and we had a little bit of money that she had left for him, and we put that money together to buy him this bike. It was kind of a sentimental gift, I guess, because his mother had died," she said breaking down in tears, "It's very, very hard. It's just terribly disappointing."  

Fehr recalled the first time she saw Frank on the bike. 

"It had rained the day we got it, so we couldn't drive it right away. We didn't want to get it dirty because it was so new. It sat for a few days, and then when he finally got on it, it was just the freedom, and the joy on his face was worth so much, and made saving up for it just completely worth it."  

More tears fell as she went on, "He's the light of my life, and to see him hurting like this is really difficult. It was very exciting to have a bike for him to be able to get around with. He would go out sometimes, four or five times a day, just to be outside and be able to just feel like he had a little bit of freedom to do something on his own.”  

Time is playing a bit of a factor in finding the bike as the season is short. 

"Winter is always very hard for him, and so summer is always a great time, at least for him to be able to get out a little bit. Not having the bike has been devastating, and it's only been a few days. I just really wanted to appeal to the community, maybe somebody has seen it, or they've heard something. If we can get it back, that would be just such a miracle." 

Please contact Winkler Police Service if you have any tips to help find the E-bike. 

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