The Plum Coulee Community Foundation was able prop up some of its funding streams in 2016 thanks to support from a number of organizations. As a result, the charitable organization announced one of its largest grant allocations ever at its annual meeting on Thursday night.

"Yes, because of the Canada 150 grants, the number we gave out tonight was just over $35,000. That a really big." said Heather Unger, the foundation chair.

2016 proved to be a strong year for the organization financially as it received tremendous support from a number of organizations such as the Thomas Sill Foundation, Endow Manitoba, and Canada 150 Alliance.

"The Thomas Sill Foundation challenged us to match anything that we could fundraise for our endowment fund," said Unger. "They did some matching funds for us and they bumped us up $7,500, which is pretty exciting and they also came through with a Youth In Philanthropy program, which gives the kids $3,500 a year for six years to give in our community. Our 24 hour giving challenge was a really successful event where we were bumped up an extra $6,500 from the Endow Manitoba project. It was a great year."

Meanwhile, the foundation's main endowment fund has seen steady growth since its inception nine years ago. The fund has increased to 360-thousand dollars, while the Foundation's grain elevator fund, in which interest is used to maintain the facility, increased to almost $130,000.