Some birdwatchers travel many miles to spot their favorite species. Plum Coulee residents George and Sheila Hildebrand can do that from the comfort of their dining room table.

The couple has placed bird feeders in front of their dining room window, giving them a prime view of the birds that join them at dinner time.

“We have blue jays and of course, lots of sparrows and nuthatches and chickadees. Right now, we have some red polls and usually we get some goldfinches. In spring, we get lots and lots of wood ducks. They're very pretty ducks, especially the male," said George.

The wood ducks arrive in spring, around the end of April or early May.

“Twenty-eight days or so after they start laying, they start hatching them. And when they jump out of the house you have to be quick in order to see that because within a day they're gone. You’d never see them again," he added.

Hildebrand says having water within a mile will help attract these photogenic water fowl.

Meantime, Sheila thought fellow birdwatcher, Paul Goosen, might appreciate her husband’s handiwork.