Volunteers are getting ready to open the new Plum Coulee Active Living Centre early this spring.
Committee member, June Letkeman, said the search has begun to find different programs and activities that will attract people of all ages to the centre. She explained that she's already had conversations with officials at the Winkler Family Resource Centre about offering some children's programming at the facility. There's also ideas of bringing in fitness classes, cooking classes and game nights.

"We want to have a centre that is bustling with activity. We're really hoping for everyone in the community to grasp on to this and use it," said Letkeman.

She added the hope is to eventually hire a part-time recreation director to help recruit and run programming.

Meantime, the facility will be home to some long-running favourites brought over from the old Seniors' Centre such as the coffee shop, and floor curling and shuffleboard.

As for funding the operation of the age-friendly facility, Letkeman noted there have been discussions about selling memberships and offering the space as a rental.

She said the hope is to open the new building in mid-March starting with the coffee shop, and added that rental opportunities could be available starting as soon as April 1.