Winkler Police are reminding players of the popular video game Pokemon Go to stay off private property after the free smartphone app created a potentially scary misunderstanding last week.

Police reported on July 19 several friends were walking on Royal Crescent in the early morning hours playing Pokemon Go when a man came out of his home carring a baseball bat.

Officers interviewed the man who, unfamiliar with Pokemon Go, explained he thought the five males standing at the end of his driveway were going to break into his car.

The augmented reality game tasks players with catching virtual creatures using their cell phones to discover them in real-world locations. Looking through the screen local landmarks such as the Bethel Heritage Park and local churches also become hotspots where players can visit to collect in-game items.

When one of the collectible pokemon, or "pocket monsters", appears players have a chance to capture it. Pokemon can be found just about anywhere