Each year Manitoba AG DAYS focuses on a specific theme for their speakers and presentations, their exhibitors, and even Agriculture in the Classroom!

Produced on the Prairies is this week's theme for the largest indoor farm show taking place at the Keystone Centre this week!

With 550 exhibitors participating in the Ag trade show, 63 speakers, and 32 entries in the Innovation Showcase, there's lots to see and do over the next three day.

"We just want to invite everyone to this year's Ag Days!" shares Media Coordinator, Teresa Hildebrand.

"With our theme Produced on the Prairies we want to celebrate everything we produce on the prairies, including the product, which is often the first thing that comes to mind. But also, the people, the creativity, the entrepreneurship, the ingenuity, the perseverance that comes with bringing products to market."

"There are just so many tie-ins to that theme," continues Hildebrand. "I really love talking on the Ag Days Gives Back and really that sense of community is produced here too! Sometimes you think just products, you know tangible things that are produced on the Prairies, but when you start thinking about it, opportunities are produced here, technology is produced here!  Yes, there's just a lot not-so-tangible things that are produced here. And I'm just so excited to see how that theme unfolds!"

From the Ag Days Gives Back initiative where the Board grants dollars and scholarships to Ag-related organizations and education opportunities, to Agriculture in the Classroom, to the opening reception at 6:00pm this evening featuring Matt Zimmerman and Farmer Town, we can take proud of all the initiatives and creativity that goes into everything we love about Agriculture in our prairie provinces, from the smaller rural communities to the Wheat City itself!

"That's the really neat thing in agriculture, we really do have that sense of community; the smaller communities, but also that larger community where we get that reinvesting in Ag.  So, I'm really excited about the theme!  

For the full list of exhibitors, events, speakers and presenters, click HERE!